A Spiritual Workout

Phil 2:12 –…work out your own salvation with fear and trembling.

No one is saved in this age by works, but the importance of working out what God has worked in us cannot be overstated. We should all be enrolled in a spiritual workout routine!

We should take this workout seriously – “with fear and trembling” because “it is God…in you”! The Almighty God of all creation literally dwells inside of your body if you are saved, and He expects you to do something with the truth He has revealed to you! It’s amazing how serious the world can be about a physical workout. They will sacrifice time, money, and physical comforts in order to get their bodies into shape. But many believers are so flippant and careless about the condition of their spiritual life! Some can’t even make it to Sunday school on a consistent basis.

We should also take this workout cheerfully (vs. 14). I think the key to a cheerful attitude spiritually is to see the blessings of the Christian life. We signed up for this workout when we got saved! There was no price for our salvation, but there is a price to discipleship. We are to take our cross daily (Luke 9:23) and see opposition as opportunities to grow spiritually.

Next, we should do this workout publically (vs. 15). A physical workout routine often involves getting out on the streets, or attending a public gym. It’s similar spiritually. We have to publically practice what we have learned privately. Our sinning needs to be at a minimum. We should strive to be “blameless and harmless…without rebuke”. And our shinning needs to be maximized because so many are living in utter darkness.

We need to get off our Laodicean couches and start running for the Lord. Paul didn’t want to “run in vain” (vs. 16). He wanted to be able to “rejoice” when he saw the Lord, knowing that his spiritual workout paid off. I hope that is your prayer too!

About the Author: Pastor David Walker