Aren’t You Glad?

Psalm 126:3 – The LORD hath done great things for us; whereof we are glad.

Historically and prophetically Psalm 126 is Jewish, but devotionally it is true for any Christian. If you are saved God has done great things for you! Aren’t you glad that you are shacked up, hooked up, doped up, hung up, or all washed up? An old black preacher said it like this: “Where we are you brought us. What we know you taught us. What we have you gave us. Who we are, you made us.”

Aren’t you glad your dream became a reality (vs. 1)? Before you were saved you were in captivity, held in bondage to sin and Satan. You were headed for hell without purpose and meaning in life. The dream of deliverance became a reality when Jesus saved you. Aren’t you glad God is your Father, the Holy Spirit your Comforter, Jesus your Saviour, and the Bible your guide? We don’t hope for deliverance, we have it; it is ours!

Aren’t you glad there is a song in your heart (vs. 2)? There is a filling as well as an overflowing. The “steams in the south” (vs. 4) are places where the northern rains quickly filled up the desolate valleys. Aren’t you glad the Christian life is not gloom and doom? Aren’t you glad we can laugh and sing? We have something, and Someone to sing about! We are not beggars anymore, but “heirs of God” (Rom. 8:17)! People sing when they are happy. Aren’t you glad God gave you a song?

Not only do we rejoice and experience the presence of God. We also can rely on the promises of God. Aren’t you glad God’s promises keep us going (vss. 5-6)? He tells us the reality of life – there is a sowing, and plowing always precedes it. Life is not easy and the Lord never promised that it would be. But he did promise we would reap in joy one day if we are faithful. Aren’t you glad He did?

About the Author: Pastor David Walker