When Trouble Comes

Psalm 77:2 – In the day of my trouble I sought the Lord…

No one is exempt from trouble. It comes to everyone: young or old, man or woman, saved or unsaved. People have family trouble, marriage trouble, work related trouble, financial trouble, and physical trouble. Tragedy and trouble are often cousins.

The first thing Asaph, the Psalmist, says he did when trouble came was to seek God (“I sought the Lord”). He sought God deliberately, with his “voice” (vs. 1) and despairingly, for he knew there was no one that could help him but God.

He also did something people rarely admit: he questioned God (vss. 7-9). He was wondering if this situation was permanent or temporary. Had God forgotten His people? Did God really care? Would God go back on His promises?

His questions were soon dispelled when he remembered God (vss. 10-12). He revived his memory and redirected his meditation. He reminded himself that God is too kind to forget His mercies, too good to do anything wrong, and too wise to make any mistakes. He was encouraged when he remembered.

Next, he magnified God (vs. 12). He talked of His ways (vs. 13), His wonders (vss. 14-18), and His walk (vs. 19). He understood that sometimes you can’t see the footprints of God, but we know that He is there by faith.

Finally, Asaph trusted God (vs. 20). The same God that led Moses and the children of Israel was leading him.

A woman had been saved at a revival meeting by the text of John 3:16. But during the night she seemed overwhelmed with doubt. Realizing this must be the work of Satan and that he probably dwelt in the darkness place of the house, she opened her Bible to John 3:16 and shoved it under the bed and said, “I know I’m saved, here, read it for yourself!”

About the Author: Pastor David Walker