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Complete in Him


Colossians 2:10 – And ye are complete in him, which is the head of all principality and power:

As believers, we are “complete in him,” not incomplete. There isn’t anything to finish regarding our salvation because Jesus already said, “It is finished.” There won’t be anything to add, for what can you add to Jesus? And as far as perfection goes, “Jesus” is perfection!

To acquire completeness you must first see your utter incompleteness without Christ. When Adam sinned, his spirit died breaking the connection with God. Every person born today is born incomplete! The prescription for completeness is to be born again by faith in Jesus Christ! Then, in Him, you will be seen as sinless and righteous as He is – and complete!

Many believers struggle with accepting being complete in Jesus. They believe what the world says when they belittle and demean Christians. They believe Satan when he constantly accuses them of unworthiness. And they believe their own flesh when it unceasingly drags them down to despair and ruin. The cure is to accept what God says! You have been adopted, accepted, acquired, absolved, and assured that He will take you home to heaven one day (Eph. 1).

We need to act on being complete. We should walk “in Him” (vs. 6) not in the flesh! Live like Jesus wants you to; His opinion is the only One that matters! We should be “built up in him” (vs. 7). Instead of looking back like Lot’s wife and being frozen never to go forward again, we should build upon the foundation Christ has laid. Quit making a parking lot out of your past. Don’t build yourself by what others think, or what standards you have set. Be built up in Him! Quit condemning yourself and thank God you can be who He wants you to be in Christ Jesus!