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Do What You Can


Mark 14:8 – She hath done what she could…

            Undue pressure is everywhere especially in the church. Pressure to attend, give, and participate are often sermon themes. Many do what they do out of obligation to people instead of love for the Lord. In this statement to Mary our Lord relieves us of pressure that may be imposed on us by the brethren. But He also applies pressure if we are not doing what we can for Him.

The oil Mary poured on Jesus came from the dried roots and stems of the nard plant and was very aromatic as well as expensive, not to mention the alabaster marble like stone it was contained in! According to most calculations this ointment would have cost her a year’s salary. Mary did what she could and what she could was her best. Men may not deserve our best, but the Lord Jesus does! Do what you can, but make sure it is your best.

            When Mary anointed the Lord, the fragrance filled the room. It could not be hid. But just as sure as day follows night, what she did was criticized. Do what you can despite the criticism because it will come. Just consider the source! Judas had instigated the complaints. He basically said, “She didn’t do it like I would have! I would have been more spiritually minded; more humanitarian!” Don’t let someone guilt trip you, pressuring you to do something they want you to do. Do what you can and forget the criticism!

            After the criticism our Lord defends Mary’s act, and even commends her. You see, she did what she could because it mattered to Jesus! Her act is said to be “good” (vs. 6) and it glorified the Lord, not her or any man.

            What she did lasted (vs. 9). We are still talking about it today. And we should do what we can because time is running out (vs. 8). As the old saying goes, “Only one life will soon be past, only what’s done for Christ will last!” Do what you can!