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How David Did It


1 Sam 17:40 – And he took his staff in his hand, and chose him five smooth stones out of the brook, and put them in a shepherd’s bag which he had…

Goliath stood between Israel and victory much like giants stand in the way in our Christian lives. David is an inspiration for us. He went against the odds and defeated the giant.

He knew the cause was greater than the curse that they would be under if Goliath had his way (vs. 29). The risk didn’t matter to David because there was something worth fighting for. Parents need to see this when raising their kids. Husbands and wives need to see this when faced with marital problems. Young people need to see this when faced with decisions that can impact their future.
David had an advantage because his confidence was greater than his criticism. His brother criticized his purpose for being there (vs. 28). Saul criticized his proficiency in fighting (vss. 33-37). And Goliath criticized his power to win (vss. 43-44). But David’s faith and confidence was in God (vs. 37). Don’t listen to the critics. Someone aptly said, “Those that don’t often criticize those that do.” You will never face the giant, let alone defeat him if you listen to the critics.

David realized that the common was greater than the customary (vss. 38-40). David couldn’t fight in Saul’s armor, even if it was the conventional thing to do. He had to fight with what he had and what he knew. He gathered five stones. He was prepared. If he missed with one, he could sling another. All too often Christians only put one stone in their bag, and then when they miss they use that as an excuse to quit.

Finally, David knew Christ is greater than the conflict. Christ is the greater power (vs. 45) and purpose (vs. 46). Most can’t see God for the giant, but David could. He knew God was bigger than Goliath. That’s how David did it!