Don’t Forget!

Deuteronomy 8:11 – Beware that thou forget not the LORD thy God…

Things were changing fast for Israel. Joshua was about to replace Moses and Israel was about to enter the land of promise. Moses knew the importance of memory, but there is good memory and bad memory. There are some things we should forget about (Phil. 3:13) in order to move on and there are some things in relation to God we should never forget.

We should never forget where God brought us from (vs. 14). Passover night marked the time of God’s deliverance of Israel and it was accomplished by the blood of the lamb. Similarly we were slaves in Egypt, bound by the shackles of sin. The blood of Jesus redeemed us but when we get “full” (vs. 12) pride (vs. 14) can set in causing us to forget just how rotten we really were and are! Forgetting is likened to blindness (2 Peter 1:9).

We should never forget the path He brought us on (vs. 2). The wilderness journey was one of peril and danger, but God humbled them (vs. 16) and proved them (vs. 16) so He could “make” them (vs. 3) understand His ways. We are to remember the lessons He taught us in those hard times of life. The same God who led you then will lead you in the future! G. Campbell Morgan aptly said, “In the day of storm we are driven to God and find Him. In the day of calm we trust in ourselves, and lose God.”

We also shouldn’t forget the provisions He gave us (vss. 3, 4, 15, 16). Where God guides He will provide! He has promised to supply all of our “need” not our greed! He knows what we need.

Finally we shouldn’t forget the promises of God (vs. 18). God’s “covenant” with them under Moses had some stipulations attached. If they rebelled against Him they would be punished and chastened. The same is true for us today. Don’t forget it!


About the Author: Pastor David Walker