Our Pastor


Pastor David Walker
Sister Christi Walker

Pastor Walker was born and raised in the middle Georgia area. He trusted the Lord Jesus Christ as his personal Saviour when he was a child, and was called to preach in his teen years.

He met his wife Christi while in Bible school, and graduated in 1995 from Pensacola Bible Institute with a Bachelor of Divinity degree. He later earned his Master of Theology degree and his Doctorate of Theology degree, both from the Blue Ridge Bible Institute (now The Bible Doctrine Institute).

Pastor Walker has been at Calvary since 2004. He believes expository preaching and verse by verse Bible teaching are essential to the pulpit ministry. He is thankful for the Lord’s blessing on the ministry of Calvary Baptist Church and counts it an honor to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ. He also serves at the Dean of students for The Bible Doctrine Institute and has published books on basic and advanced Bible doctrines.