Father Abraham


Romans 4:16 –…Abraham; who is the father of us all,

I know Abraham had his shortcomings and failures, but he is still considered “the father of faith.” He believed God and followed God. He is a great example of how fathers should be.

He led his family for God. He didn’t wait for his wife or children to follow God because he was the leader and the head of the home! Fathers are supposed to be the leaders, not the “lag-behinders.” He led by first leaving his own family in the land of Ur, and then by trusting God’s word and going where God wanted him to go. We need some fathers with courage and backbone! We need fathers who won’t miss church; who read their Bibles; who pray with their families! We need leaders!

Next, he gave his family to God. Chapter twenty-two of Genesis tells us the story of Abraham giving up his son Isaac. He was a great leader for his family because he loved God more than his family and was willing to put God first in his life. The safest place for your kids is in the hands of God. He gave them to you and He can take them from you. It’s best to give them back to the One who gave them to you in the first place.

Finally, Abraham left behind a legacy for God. He knew that he wouldn’t live forever, so he prepared a bride for his son, as well as an inheritance. He knew that the only way for his son’s future to be secure was for his son to follow God’s will. If his son married the wrong person his entire future would be marred. Fathers need to prepare and plan to pass on a spiritual legacy that will help their children in their own spiritual walk with the Lord. It is the most valuable thing you can pass down to them.

We need godly fathers who are going to be holy men of God, leading their families in the old paths for Jesus Christ! Your kid’s future depends on it!