Getting Noticed


1 Samuel 16:19 – Wherefore Saul sent messengers unto Jesse, and said, Send me David thy son, which is with the sheep.

            People do a lot of crazy things to get noticed. Some dye their hair weird colors or get tattoos, earrings, and nose rings. Some sports fanatics will go shirtless in freezing temperatures with a number painted on their chest in hopes of being seen by cameras. Others still are loud and obnoxious eager for people to see them.

            David was noticed by Saul’s servants because he had a reputation of being spiritual, skillful, and sensible. But long before the servants of Saul saw David, God noticed him.

            God noticed that David was faithful with the sheep. The biggest thing in David’s life had just happened – he was anointed to be the next King in Israel! Since he had no further instructions he simply went back to his duties of feeding his father’s sheep.

            Long before David was anointed with the Spirit, God noticed that he was filled with the Spirit. He didn’t have to put on a different face around people. He was transparent and real. Unlike Saul, he was at peace with God and obedient to God. His music epitomized the depth of his spiritual life, and when he played others could sense the presence of the author of David’s music.

            David’s fervency with his skills was also something God took note of. He wasn’t idle, slothful, and lazy! He put his hands to use practicing with his sling, playing his harp, and praying to his Lord. It was his harp that brought him into favor with the King, and his sling that brought him into favor with the kingdom.

            Finally David was a good follower. Saul needed him and he came. He didn’t complain, he just followed. He became a great leader because he was a great follower. He was noticed by men, but not because he tried to get noticed. His priority was what God thought of Him. That’s why God noticed David.