Present Truths


2 Peter 1:12 – … be established in the present truth.

            For many, virtual reality is more important than reality itself. But for the Christian God’s truth should be ever on our hearts and minds. Below are four present truths that will keep us in balance and -mindful of what really matters in life.

            Truth 1: We owe Him everything! We have been grabbed by his grace (Eph. 2), constrained by His love (2 Cor. 5), and bought with a price (1 Cor. 6). Why wouldn’t we give Him our best? He will never demand the unreasonable, nor does He ever mean us harm. We owe Him. He has saved us from hell, and that is reason enough. Like Mephibosheth, we’ve been rescued from Lo-debar and given a seat at the King’s table. The least we could do is honor him with our lives and serve Him with our best!

            Truth 2: We are complete in Him (Col. 2:10)! As believers we are a “new creatures in Christ” and shouldn’t be intimidated by the world, our peers, fashion, society, or even other Christians. We have been accepted by God, and that should suffice! I’m sorry if your mother didn’t love you or your Daddy was a bum! It’s time to build a bridge and get over it. You mean something to God and are complete in Christ now!

            Truth 3: Many are headed for hell! We need to have compassion and concern for those without Christ. Lost people are just acting like lost people. We shouldn’t forget where we would be if someone didn’t care for us. We have a commission to reach people with the gospel (Mark 16).

            Truth 4: Jesus could return today! The coming of Christ is a sure hope – it is going to happen. It is a glorious hope – to see Him in His splendor and majesty! It should be an anticipated hope. Every day it should occur to you that perhaps today will be the day of His return. We should live in that present truth!