Running on Empty


Ruth 1:21 – I went out full, and the LORD hath brought me home again empty…

            Have you ever run of out gas? Maybe your gauge didn’t work or you thought you could make it a little further. Cars can’t run on fumes, and spiritually neither can we.

            I don’t believe Naomi envisioned herself empty, defeated, and dejected when they first left for Moab. It all began with a choice. Their intentions were only to “sojourn” (Ruth 1:1), but the convenience of Moab was greater than their convictions.

            Running on empty is a sin. It begins with compromise. “Giving in just a little will not hurt” many claim. Naomi’s boys married Moabite women, and that was forbidden in the OT law. Plus they couldn’t worship in Moab because they were away from the temple. There are many Christians that leave good churches because of a better job offers. Sin begins with compromise but it has consequences – death and despair to name a few. And when you run out of gas all those riding with you will be effected. Ruth followed Naomi, and if she would have listened to Naomi she never would have left Moab for Bethlehem. Backslidden Christians are not good counselors!

            The solution for running on empty is simple. First you must confess that you are running on empty, others can tell it anyway (Ruth 1:19). You aren’t just pulled over on the side of the road sight-seeing, you are broke down! Next you must come back to Bethlehem; to the place where you can get filled up again.

            Don’t keep passing gas stations! Don’t ignore the yellow light or the beeping sound! You are running on empty and you are about to break down. The heavier a load you carry the more gas you will use up. If you are burning a lot of fuel you will need to make frequent trips to the FILLING STATION! Get filled up!